Network Professionals INC. is a uniquely organized business networking platform, where business owners and professionals join one of NPI’s local referral marketing chapters and each chapter ensures professional category exclusivity. Members refer business to each other, effectively becoming each other’s sales force. Meetings are weekly and structured for maximum results. Members join to grow their business, cultivate business resources and expand their networking sphere of influence.

Our Mission:

NPI – an empowered community of passionate business professionals igniting success through opportunities, alliances and supportive relationships, generating amazing results for you and your business!

Benefits of your membership:
  1. Increased Business through the Exchange of Qualified Business Referrals (not leads)
  2. Professional Category Exclusivity in your Chapter
  3. Build Long Term Relationships and Alliances
  4. Cultivate Business Resources and Improve Ability to Act as a Resource to your Clients, Customers, Colleagues, Family and Friends
  5. Increased Exposure, Visibility to Business Professionals and Consumers. Build Credibility.
  6. Expanded Sales Force
  7. Community Outreach Opportunities
  8. Improved Public Speaking, Presentation, Communication, Networking Skills
  9. Leadership Opportunities
  10. Personal and Professional Development
  11. Plus much more!
The only organization to offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee!

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