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Network Professionals International: "Remember A Member" Thursday, June 4th, 2020

Membership Means Success

NPI has contributed to huge growth in our practice. I appreciate the weekly meetings as they have allowed our business to build strong business relationships. NPI enables business to truly give referrals to fellow members they know and trust. I think so highly of NPI. Friends & Family Spinal Care has many a new client as a direct result of NPI.

Dr Justin Dritschel - Chiropractor Parkland Chargers Breakfast
Friends and Family Spinal Care

"Besides receiving many referrals over seven years, NPI has provided training and practice in "giving a good commercial". This ability to sell myself has been instrumental in acquiring many new clients."

Ron Marshall, Accountant
Brandon, Florida

Dear Charlie: If anyone would have asked me back I February when I was asked to join NPI, if I had the time to meet and network with new people, I would have said "no!" Thank goodness, I have a lot of wonderful people in my life and I happen to be very close with my family and friends, and felt as if I didn't even have time for them, let alone new people….. Well, little did I know... NPI has become a HUGE part of my life and has opened up wonderful opportunities that I would have otherwise not had. Lately it seems that all my husband hears about is NPI! And the most fabulous part of it all is that I’m meeting great people and becoming friends with so many of them! Yes, it’s a business for all of us, but how great that it is conducted in such a warm and supportive environment. You must feel great about that! Just wanted to share… Have a great weekend and see you next week, Corin

Corin Wiser, Gold & Diamond Estate Buyers
Program Chair, Delray Morning Works Chapter

Charlie, Like all new visitors I was somewhat apprehensive about joining a networking group and spending approximately $1000 for the year to be a member, including dues and breakfasts. I can say, however, that my experience has been nothing but positive. I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of NPI from a personal perspective and have also benefitted from the group on a professional level. My goals for 2012 are to be responsible for more new members and improve my Membership Chair activities. Thank you for all your efforts in making our Chapter the best in NPI. Best Regards, Guy Regalado Financial Advisor

Guy Regalado, Financial Advisor
Membership Chair, Boca Royal East chapter

Dear NPI Family I didn’t make a formal announcement a few weeks ago when my mother passed. I wasn’t sure where or how to announce that kind of personal event. Little by little, the word circulated and I received many heartfelt wishes. Thank you. Then yesterday I received an amazing, beautiful basket from you all…of course through none other than Basket of Books and More. I have sent Amy’s baskets to others over the past year but this was the first time I was the fortunate recipient. It is quite an experience..and “experience” is the proper word. The basket touched upon all my to look at..a candle to to taste..and a perfect dvd to watch and learn. I was surprised and touched overcome with a profound sense of gratitude. Our group is a network of professionals that have helped my business tremendously. But it is so much more than that. You all are truly family to me. I have been honored to work with many of you and your family members. I feel your support for not only my business but for my personal life. I know I speak for every member of the group when I say that. Thank you for reaching out to me at this time of my personal loss. You are all in my heart as I move on through the Holiday season. I am equally committed to everyone of you and pledge to help every member even more in this coming year. Happy Holidays. May all your businesses continue to grow in 2015 and may you find fulfillment in that success and in the honor it is to be able to help others. Cynthia 305-304-0648


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